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Kosciusko County 2022-2023 Experience Guide

That “At Home” Feeling

At the southern part of Kosciusko County, Silver Lake greets travelers coming through on State Road 15. Silver Lake is a nice, quiet town with a beautiful lake, hometown restaurants and a woodworking shop just waiting to be discovered.

Silver Lake is home to companies such as Splendor Boats and most notable Whetstone Woodenware. Whetstone makes handmade, wooden kitchen utensils and historical reproductions made right on property. Whetstone welcomes visitors to see how their product is made and to browse in the adjoining retail store.

Silver Lake has two in-town parks. Memory Park encompasses a small waterfall and gold fish pond. Rambler Park is a fun playground with a walking trail. Nearby Bock Nature Preserve and Wildwood Nature Preserve collectively have 280 acres perfect for wildlife watching, hiking and easy going nature walks.

Visit Silver Lake in the summer for fishing, boating, shopping and ice cream at The Igloo Ice Cream Shop.

To call Silver Lake “home” is an honor by residents who take care of one another and their community. They are proud to extend that “at home” feeling when welcoming visitors.

Visit the Town of Silver Lake’s Facebook page or website for more information!