Kosciusko County and Indiana's Cool North partnered to bring the region the best pizza, burgers, tacos, and breakfasts. Customers could vote for their favorite restaurants. Click on each food category to see the top places. Don’t forget to go to Dining Local for other favorites.

Most agree that the best traveling meal is breakfast. You want to know the local's favorite, that special foodie experience to wake up your day. These breakfast hot spots aren't inclusive of all morning's glory in K-County, but they make for a great starter list.
Living Well in the Moment in Kosciusko County does include a good burger. We have old time diner style, the perfect pub style, and you can't forget the craft and craft beer style, for all burger lovers out there.
Craving a slice or two? Go ahead and indulge in the world's most popular dish. All you need now is to grab your family and friends and start your way down the list, one mouth-watering pizza pie at a time.
Kosciusko County is home to a variety of delicious authentic Mexican dining options. The signatures are the moment's specialty with this food war and locals say you can't go wrong with any of these taco expertos.