The Bureau staff has developed some trip ideas for you to consider when planning your visit. Trip ideas that help you play, enjoy, discover, savor and rest in Kosciusko County. Select from our pre-planned ideas or mix and match to create your own trip today.

Be Inspired!
Treat yourself to a relaxing day and be inspired by creative food, history, health, and performing arts.
Shopping – Food – Wine!
Do we really need to say more?
The On the Go Ultra Experience
These two days will have you traveling around our beautiful county to maximize your experience. For the visitors who like to be "on the go" this trip is for you.
Road Trip with the Grandkids
Try this recommended overnight trip with your grand children. It is sure to provide them with lifelong memories.
Festival Goers
Indiana ranks in the top five for most amount of community events and festivals. And Kosciusko County has its fair share.
Two Town Family Fun
Enjoy experiencing two communities with your family
Free “Parking”
Free lunches may be gone, but plenty of free opportunities await the adventurous.
Take a Hike or Bike
You can take a hike or bike with the multiple trails in Kosciusko County.
Water Wonderland
This is lake country and on-the-water recreation options are abundant. This trip just touches a few of the many things you can do. Dive in!