Food is no longer the fuel so the body can hike, bike, shop or swim. Food is an art-form. A passion. An activity that engages all five senses. In Kosciusko County, family favorites exist alongside sushi, gluten-free and dishes with flare. Restaurants are not just a stop along the way, they ARE the destination.

Brew, Wine & Spirits
Your evenings will end on a tasting like no other when you visit one of our wind down brew and wine spots to top off your evening. Cheers! Can you hear the glasses clinking?
Coffee Houses
Expresso yourself in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Stay grounded by rejuvenating with multiple options for a fresh cup of java and take your visit to Kosciusko County one relaxing sip at a time.
Dining Local
Locals know where to go for those famous signature dishes that can be award-winning, authentic, all-natural, and artistic. Food experiences that you can crave again and again, but most of all they are memorable.
Food Wars
There is a lot of fun in a friendly food competition. Pizza! Burgers! Tacos! Breakfast! Our participating restaurants always put their best dish forward and are proud to be among fellow category restaurants in Kosciusko County.
Ice Cream Shops
We cannot imagine a get away without ice cream. Kosciusko County is home to nearly ten shops with cool treats that can't be beat. And of course we recommend indulging in all.
Outside & Lakeside Dining
We'll admit it, not many would think about outdoor dining as a thing in Northern Indiana. Don't let the word "Northern" fool you. Kosciusko County is home to fresh-air dining choices that are special to enjoy.